Tapping into the Magnetism of Authenticity


People who come to you as they are, real people – these are life’s true show stealers, the natural (even if reluctant) crowd pullers and people not easily forgotten.  Getting to see the real person versus an act, even an “extraordinary” one,  is like the awesome feeling of putting your fingers into the deep ocean on a still day and feeling its power versus staring at a bad painting of a stormy sea and feeling nothing. It is the realness that captivates not the contrived drama.  This is the magnetism of authenticity. 

Only by tapping into the magnetism of your authentic self, can we unleash your own brand of extraordinary.  This is organic: it’s about releasing from within.  You need to find and release the real “Me”. Finding me is about stripping off all the junk.  Make a list!  Take time and make it a long, long and thoughtful list.  Then you need to Love Me: this is an honest love accepting everything on that list, whilst having the faith in your ability to change what needs to be changed for your own mental healthcare and those around you.  It’s a parental kind of love.  You are the sole caretaker of the soul on that list you just made – no-one else can do this job.  After this you need to Buy Me: DIG YOURSELF! If acceptance is the foundation, Buy Me is the cool stuff on top, it’s the buzz of energy that flows from all that hard work of taking on responsibility.  It’s about buying into your individuality.   Finally, you move to Wear Me – Oooh this is exciting! You have to get out there and live with an awareness of the whole you.  The whole you may not fit with the image of your screen favourite, it may not be one of the fashion mag editor’s “things successful women do!” but it will be ultra cool anyway because it’s authentic.  

Love Me Buy Me Wear Me II

More details in the book !




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