Nothing Short of Extraordinary

Nothing Short of Extraordinary 001


How many times have you felt like a super fab ace babe and/or righteous-woman of the world, galloping to the brink of, dare I say, divaship and you catch your reflection in a mirror and wallop! You are brought down to size, literally, by this reminder of your short stature and on cue all that lovely, bubbly confidence disappears. You know just as well as everybody else, that short gals cannot ever really be taken seriously as Properly Grown Up, Good-Looking, Fashionable, Cool (and importantly) Tall Women. This deeply entrenched inner sanctum of female society is one to which all girls must gain entry in order to be taken in any way seriously by other similarly properly grown-up, good-looking, fashionable, cool and tall people. Deflated, you realise that all that attention was merely morbid curiosity and all the laughter you were generating was at your expense: they were laughing at you not with you. They didn’t need any reminder that you are, in fact, a funny little Oompa Loompa. You sadly forgot in all your excitement. Ouch! Life gets very frustrating. You know that inside you are a super fab ace babe and/or righteous woman of the world with gazillions of things to achieve, awesome ideas but your confidence in expressing all this is continually stifled by reminders of your fatal flaw: you’re too short to be that (super fab ace babe and/or righteous) woman in your head. Does all this sound familiar? Well if it does then you are like me, or rather you are like the old me; the way I used to be before I developed The Art of Smallwomanship – i turned all of this on its head and completely revolutionised my own thinking. Those frustrating thouhts don’t have a hold anymore. I do not live by fearing mirrors, pranksters or beautifully tall women – any reminders in fact. My focus has shifted to unleashing my authentic extraordinary self and I can tell you there is nothing so empowering and once it becomes a habit, it is self perpetuating almost addictive. Now I am going to show you how to do this. I am going to show you how to instigate and enjoy your own personal revolution and find your way to your own extraordinary life usingThe Art of Smallwomanship. It is there waiting inside you so read on and LIVE!

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